• Client NGO
  • Client challenge Client faced operational inefficiency due to leadership and communication skills gaps
  • Solution AHEX provided tailored ILM Level 3 course to fill skill gaps


What is Leadership & Management Training?


Benefits of Leadership & Management Training for Organisations:

Improved Performance and Productivity:

Leadership and management training equip your leaders with the tools they need to inspire their teams, manage workloads efficiently, and optimise processes. As a result, your organisation’s overall performance and productivity levels can see a significant boost.

Enhanced Decision-Making:

Trained leaders have a better understanding of business dynamics and strategic thinking, which improves their decision-making capabilities. This leads to more effective and efficient solutions that support your organisation’s strategic goals and objectives.

Increased Employee Engagement and Retention:

Good leaders can create a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to lower turnover rates, saving your organisation valuable resources in recruitment and onboarding.

Succession Planning:

Leadership and management training help to identify and nurture future leaders within your organisation. This creates a robust pipeline of capable individuals ready to step up when needed, ensuring your organisation’s long-term stability and continuity.

AHEX Solution for Client

AHEX didn’t merely provide a generic training programme; we fully immersed ourselves into understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by the NGO. This allowed us to provide a solution that was not only relevant but also immediately applicable to their work environment.

The success of our solution was demonstrated in the improved understanding of leadership dynamics, the enhanced communication skills, and the increased confidence observed among the participants post-training. As a result, the NGO now possesses a stronger leadership foundation to deliver their vital services effectively, a testimony to the transformative potential of AHEX’s tailored solutions.


The course was successfully conducted and was well-received by the participants. Notably, we observed significant improvements in their understanding of leadership dynamics, their communication skills, and their ability to deliver compelling briefs and presentations.

Post-training feedback indicated an increased level of confidence among the team leaders and supervisors, a clear indication of the programme’s success. The upskilling provided by the ILM Level 3 course promises to contribute positively to the operational success and effectiveness of the NGO’s mission, ultimately leading to improved service delivery for vulnerable and homeless young people in Blackpool (United Kingdom).

The AHEX Group is proud to have played a role in this transformation and looks forward to seeing the NGO continue to make a significant impact in their community through enhanced leadership and management capabilities.

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