• Client Hotel Industry
  • Client challenge Despite its strong presence in the hospitality industry, the hotel identified challenges in fostering effective team dynamics, communication, and leadership within their diverse workforce.
  • Solution AHEX's Lead First Team delivered an engaging 5-hour team building day. The solution included enlightening lectures on personality types, communication and leadership, stimulating indoor exercises, and a rewarding presentation ceremony.


What is Team Building?

Team building is a strategic process designed to nurture cohesive, efficient, and motivated teams. It encourages better communication, enhances problem-solving skills, and fosters a sense of belonging among team members, all crucial for achieving corporate objectives and success.

AHEX’s Lead First Methodology sets a new standard for team building. Unlike traditional approaches, Lead First is a comprehensive, tailor-made package crafted to meet the unique needs of your organisation. It seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor team building activities with interactive presentations and lectures to promote engagement and learning. The methodology goes a step further, incorporating planning exercises and DISC personality assessments to understand and cater to different personality types within your team.

AHEX also uses team charts to visualise team dynamics and scenario training to hone decision-making skills in real-world contexts. These elements, along with other bespoke solutions, allow AHEX to provide a highly personalised and effective team building experience that not only strengthens team bonds but also enhances their performance and productivity in the long run.

Lead First™ Methodology

Benefits of Team Building for Organisations

Enhanced Team Dynamics:

AHEX’s Lead First Methodology focuses on understanding individual personality types and their impact on team interactions. This understanding enables improved communication, collaboration, and synergy among team members, leading to a more cohesive and productive team.

Customised Approach:

The Lead First service goes beyond generic team building exercises by offering tailor-made solutions designed to address each organisation’s specific needs. This ensures a more targeted and effective experience, maximising the return on investment for your team building efforts.

Skill Development:

Lead First incorporates interactive presentations, lectures, and scenario training, aimed at developing essential leadership and decision-making skills. These practical sessions enable participants to apply their learnings in real-world situations, fostering growth and empowering them to perform better in their roles.

Long-term Results:

The comprehensive nature of the Lead First Methodology not only builds team spirit but also instils a deep understanding of individual strengths and areas for improvement. This insight, combined with the new skills and strategies acquired, ensures long-lasting positive changes in team performance and overall organisational success.

AHEX Solution for Client

Elevating Team Dynamics with AHEX's Lead First Methodology

In the dynamic world of hospitality, a high-performing team is a cornerstone for success. The client, a leading player in the hotel industry, identified the need to enhance team collaboration, communication, and leadership. They approached AHEX, renowned for its unique Lead First Methodology.

This innovative service went beyond the traditional team building paradigm. AHEX delivered a 5-hour team building day, but with an insightful twist. The day included lectures about personality types, communication and leadership, tailored to hotel’s specific team dynamics. Recognising the diverse personalities within a team and how they communicate and lead, is key to fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.

The Lead First Methodology further integrated indoor team building exercises. These were not generic activities; they were carefully designed to align with the insights gathered during the lectures. The result was a highly engaging and effective session, where team members could practically apply their new knowledge in a supportive setting.

To celebrate the team’s efforts and recognise individual contributions, AHEX concluded the day with a presentation ceremony. Each participant received a certificate and awards were given, strengthening team morale and reinforcing the value of each team member.

AHEX’s Lead First Methodology offers more than a team building day; it provides a transformative experience. It combines deep insights, practical application and recognition, resulting in a more cohesive, understanding and effective team.

It’s an approach that sets AHEX apart, offering a tailored, insightful and empowering experience that can elevate your team to new heights. Engage with AHEX, and embark on your own journey of team transformation.

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