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Upskill your staff with our results-driven corporate leadership and management training courses.

Improve the performance of all your employees from junior leaders to senior managers, sales executives, and stakeholders.

Our aim is to improve business performance by training and empowering your managers, leaders, and key team members of staff so they can perform at their best.

We deliver tangible and measurable results to organisations of all sizes through our training branches across the UK, Malta and the EU. That is why many leading employers continue to choose us.


Leadership, Management and Communications

Bespoke courses for your business

Contact our corporate education expert and we will create a unique training program for your business. You can choose any of the programs below and combine it with any other themes. We can develop tailormade training across multiple disciplines.

Select ILM level 3 course:

Emphasizing creativity and lateral thinking to help learners identify problems, develop options, and make decisions.

Innovation and Change in an Organisation

Leading a team or an organization through change and innovation with the help of tools and techniques designed to successfully navigate through barriers of resistance to change.

Planning Change in the Workplace

Transform your workplace with effective change planning to meet the necessary demands industry 4.0 and 5.0.

Customer Service Standards and Requirements

Essential for managing customer relationships teams as customer service law and organisational requirements are covered. In addition, learn how to assess customer satisfaction and how it can be used to improve customer service performance.

Leadership Skills

Develop essential leadership skills for everyone involved in the management profession, from aspiring leaders to line managers.


Mental Health

Identify and handle workplace mental health and cultivate a caring and inclusive atmosphere by leading with empathy and support. Discover ways to enhance team morale, minimize burnout, and encourage mental wellbeing.

Conflict Management

Unlock the secrets of conflict resolution in the office with our comprehensive leadership course.

Training and Coaching

Boost your management skills with our course on understanding quality management in the workplace. Maximize team productivity and foster a positive work environment with effective conflict management strategies.

Quality Management

Covering quality control, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. Managers will have a solid understanding of the principles of quality management and how to apply them to improve their organization’s processes.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Comprehensive information and training on the crucial topic of health and safety in the workplace, designed specifically for managers and covers a range of important topics, including workplace hazards, risk assessments, emergency procedures, and accident reporting.

Performance Management

Enhance managers’ skills and boost company success. Maximize employee performance and achieve your business goals through effective performance management strategies. Enroll now and become a better manager.

Communication Processes

Understand the communication process in the workplace and develop communication skills that foster positive relationships and drive results. Enroll now.

Mental Health

Manage mental health and improve the ability to influence and motivate others and further grow the business by overcoming challenges both within and out of the company.

Becoming an Effective Leader

Develop leadership abilities that  benefit both personal and professional life. An effective leader needs knowledge of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, and communication techniques.


Improving Organisational Culture

Company culture and ethical principles, affect decision-making, interactions between employees and client views. Increase efficacy, influence, and motivation at work.


Managing Work Analysis

Manage teams more efficiently and effectively by understanding the strategic context and purpose of work analysis and use the outcomes to make better decisions. Thus improving organizational performance by contributing to continuous improvement.

Dealing with Stress and Conflict

Effectively manage workplace stress and conflict by developing leadership skills that improve effectiveness, influence, and motivation. Assess and improve your organization’s ability to recognize and support workplace stress and conflict, and effectively manage responsibilities.


Managing Improvement

Improve efficiency and consistency of operations and projects by developing core management techniques to enhance leadership, motivation and inspiring skills. Effectively manage both strategic and day-to-day activities by encouraging strategic thinking. Adapt the programme to meet the development needs of your industry and teams.


Managing Customer Relations

Improve customer interactions by identifying, analyzing and planning strategies to retain and acquire customers. Manage customer interactions using tools, processes, and systems and develop strategies to improve customer retention and acquisition.


Fast-track Qualification Programmes

3-5 days

Fast-track Qualification Programmes

When government institutions and authorities are in a stagnated situation and are in desperate need for change, AHEX has already tested solutions.

Many institutions find themselves in a situation where their team members lack the necessary education and qualifications needed for promotion, AHEX fast-track qualifications offer training in management courses of  level 3 and 5 qualifications bring the certified transformation needed.

  • After completing the initial three to four days of training, you can earn your ILM certification within two weeks.
  • Supported by a personal assessor

AHEX Certified courses

A formal way of developing managers and professionals

Despite the fact that each certificate offers learning and development at the same level, it also provides delegates with the flexibility to choose the courses that provide them with the most relevant training.

It can be completed by taking all the required courses during a two-year period. There is no prescribed assessment, so it is an ideal formal alternative to the ILM Award.

With an AHEX Certificate of Learning, you can officially recognize your delegates’ course attendance, CPD points, and knowledge/skills acquisition.