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Course Overview:

Problem Solving and Decision Making – a course on how to identify, analyse and solve problems creatively and efficiently.

Are you looking to develop a skilled and effective workforce that can help drive your business forward? Look no further than our Problem Solving and Decision-Making course in Leadership and Management!

This course is designed to help individuals develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, specifically focusing on a six-hour training programme. It covers techniques and strategies that can be applied in various contexts, such as personal and professional life.

All our AHEX courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses like yours. Whether you are looking to improve team communication, increase productivity, or reduce workplace conflicts, our experienced tutors will work with you to create a customised course that addresses your unique pain points and challenges.


Certificate Problem Solving and Decision Making course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve problems and make better decisions. It is particularly useful for those in leadership or management positions, as well as those who work in a team-based environment.


Problem Solving And Decision Making

Develop and improve decision-making and creative problem-solving skills

Solve problems and make decisions using logical and creative approaches

Use creativity and lateral thinking as business tools

Improve strategic approaches to problem solving and decision making

Analyse and resolve difficult issues at work

Strengthen trusted relationships with senior management and business partners


Problem Solving Decision Making course
Upskill the Performance of your employees 100%

AHEX Institute is a leading provider in leadership, management and communications courses.

Our Problem Solving Decision Making course covers a range of topics such as tools of problem-solving and decision-making, identifying and analysing problems and their root causes and how to deal with uncertainty, risk and ethical issues in decision-making.

Learners will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them become more effective leaders and managers.

Our assessments are designed to evaluate your employees’ progress and understanding, and helps them apply the skills and knowledge they learn in real-world scenarios.

Upon completion of the courses, the learners can earn continuing education credits or professional development units, which can enhance their career prospects and benefit your business in the long run.


Problem Solving Decision Making course
Development in Problem Solving Skills 90%
Improvement in Strategic Thinking 99%
Enhancement in Decision-Making Quality 85%

Individuals attending the Creative problem solving program will have the below advantages:

  • Knowledge of creative problem solving methods helps in better interpersonal relations
  • Ability to handle workplace stresses / issues more creatively/ objectively
  • Develop better analytical skills in problem-solving
  • Have better leadership capabilities by tapping the potentials of team member
  • Learn faster decision making which is a key for future success
  • Grow up in career ladder with better decision making skills – an important skillset for leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving differentiates a good boss / bad boss
  • Learn how to apply these techniques in personal / organisational problems


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All our AHEX courses are priced transparently, with discounts available for multiple course days. We also offer funding initiatives for eligible businesses through various schemes.

Enrol on our Problem Solving Decision Making course today, and equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to help your business succeed!

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    What are the course requirements?

    There are no specific requirements for this course. However, a professional understanding of the English language and a willingness to learn are recommended.

    Do I need to have any technical skills to take this course?

    Participants do not require any advanced technical skills to take this course. Basic computer and internet skills are recommended for online delivery.

    Is there a time limit to complete the course?

    For online courses, there is an 24-month time limit to complete the course. Participants can work through the course materials at their own pace, although it is recommended to complete the course within a reasonable timeframe to gain maximum benefit.

    Can I access the course on my mobile device?

    Yes, the course can be accessed on any mobile device that has an internet connection.

    Is there any interaction with the instructor or other students?

    Online delivery includes interaction with the instructor and other students through discussion forums and online chats. On-site training also includes group discussions and activities.

    What kind of support is available if I need help?

    Participants can contact the instructor through email or discussion forums for any course-related queries. Technical support is also available for any issues related to online delivery.

    Are there any assignments or assessments in the course?

    There may be assignments or assessments in the course, depending on the mode of delivery. Online delivery includes quizzes and assignments, while on-site training may include group assessments or case studies.