Aaron Micallef Piccione


Aaron Micallef Piccione, born October 1983 in Santa Lucija – Malta, EU.

With over 20 years Experience as Business Owner with a history of working in the Aviation, Printing, Catering, Finance and Real Estate Industries, amongst others.

Today Aaron is accredited as a Certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach, holds a Diploma in Business Consulting and an ACCA Diploma in Business and Finance.

During Aaron’s experience as a Business Owner as well as in his Professional Career, he gained a great deal of expertise and knowledge in various industries and business development.

Aaron is passionate about seeing others grow and develop their full potential.  He highly values honesty and the capabilities of each individual.

Aaron never says no to trying something new or an adventure but in his free time, he has a high interest in sports, particularly Tennis, Aviation and Travelling.

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