Alexia Aquilina


The voice and ambassador of the employees at AHEX, Alexia ensures the Group practices what we preach and take care of our people. Alexia’s academic background and experience have definitely been key for the human resources strategy and daily people administration both within AHEX Group and in coordination with all AHEX Branches internationally.

Alexia has been part of the AHEX journey from the beginning, having started as a team-building facilitator and working her way up to mentor, tutor and finally to her position of HR Manager, giving her a true understanding of all Ahexians.

With a strong background in human resources, recruitment as well as training, her main role within AHEX is the supporting of the human function within AHEX in order to build and develop a team able to provide our clients with the best service.

Alexia is highly experience in human resources, with a specialisation in Hospitality, Human Resources and Recruitment.  Academically Alexia has a very strong background with a BA in Italian and Psychology, which lead her to a Higher Diploma in Psychology from the University of Malta, as well as an MSC in Organisational Psychology from the University of Birkbeck, London.

Alexia is a strong believer of combining academic knowledge with experience, therefore throughout her career, she has managed to grow within her roles. Throughout her career, she worked with various local companies specialising mainly within the Human Resources and Learning and Development department.

Alexia has a passion for working with people and helping individuals develop to their full potential.

Alexia can be described as a quiet, loyal, hardworking individual who is always ready to support those in need.

Alexia loves travelling as well as spending quality time with her two dogs. If she has any free time, you will definitely find her planning a trip abroad or relaxing whilst watching a movie.

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