Andre Buhagiar

Head of Department, LEAD FIRST, AHEX GROUP

For this reason Andre’s main role as Head of Department at Lead First has been key in not only constantly developing and improving the service but also coordinating his team of mentors and facilitators to carry out jobs, but also through constant training to become better entrepreneurs, managers, colleagues, and individuals.

Andre is a highly experienced Military Officer with a history of working in the military environment, locally and overseas in an international context.

Throughout his military career he managed platoons and military companies in relation to security and training. He participated in a vast variety of multi-national training and commanded teams of military personnel in both local and foreign military operations.

Andre’s area of expertise are in Leadership, Security and Sport Science. Throughout the past fifteen years, Andre achieved several qualifications related to sport science and coaching which he applied in different training modalities and sport. Currently he is reading a Bachelor’s in HR to supplement his managerial experience with academic knowledge.

Andre has a passion for high performing teams and invests available time and energy to improve the working environment and the capabilities of every team member.

Andre is a quiet and patient individual who loves to cooperate with people coming from different backgrounds and with different personalities.

Andre loves adventure, physical training and travelling. He always finds time to do a quick functional training session or go for a quick motorcycle ride. Occasionally he plans an adventurous holiday abroad, with his motorcycle or packed with outdoor activities.

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