Claire Broome

Accounts Administrator AHEX UK

Claire has been key for maintaining AHEX UK’s financial stability, being responsible for the Accounts Administration. She is responsible for reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing payments to external partners, and updating invoices and receipts.

This ensures that AHEX is constantly developing and implementing a portfolio of leadership development activities, programs, and initiatives that are academically and financially sustainable.

Claire is also a key figure for the successful running of AHEX UK, its organisational culture and the expansion of AHEX UK’s external partnerships.

Claire has a longstanding background and reputation in the finance and accounting industry, with a proven record of excellent job performance.

She is an articulate, engaging, and knowledgeable person with a reputation of improving the efficiency and effectiveness in the organisations she works with.

Claire is passionate about working in a team environment, and believes that by working and supporting each other, we can provide optimum results.

A straightforward and practical individual, Claire is very upfront with people in all aspects of her life.

Claire also enjoys the outdoors, and in her free time she enjoys venturing out on long walks around the countryside.

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