Daren Micallef

Chairperson AHEX GROUP

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of AHEX Group, a fast growing international Leadership & Management Consultancy company with offices in Malta and the UK. His assertiveness with action, ability to analyse, assess and conduct decision-making processes with productive and no-nonsense implementation has definitely been a key factor to AHEX Group success.

Proud to have served the country, he brings with him the can-do approach, with a highly professional attitude, an objective mindset, result-oriented, and a high strategic managerial coordination capacity which makes him extremely efficient and effective.

Daren is a highly experienced Military Officer (Retd.) with a long history of working in the military environment, locally and overseas in an international context.

He is highly skilled in Command and Leadership, Crisis Management, Intelligence analysis and Operational Planning. This vast domestic and international military experience at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels, contribute to a wide range of acquired abilities in analysis, planning and problem solving.

Daren’s main areas of expertise are leadership, strategic management, organizational restructuring, change management, organizational training gap analysis and identification.

Daren has a very strong belief in the fair but firm approach. With a keen interest in understanding people, he strongly believes in discipline that is righteous.

Daren is a humble individual with a keen interest in volunteering his time for good and just causes.

He is an avid football enthusiast, starting his journey as a talented player and developing into a well-respected football coach.

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