Jaime Moncho


The COO and co-founder of AHEX Group, a company focused on upskilling individuals and teams to improve business performance through consultancy, analysis and delivery of bespoke programmes.

As the actualizer of the company, Jaime’s out of the box thinking and problem-solving skills make him the perfect person to align daily operations with the overall strategy of AHEX Group.

Jaime’s main focus within AHEX is on growth and development, where he is constantly assisting his team in expanding their skill sets, improving their work ethic, and overcoming challenges that prevent them from progressing.

Jaime specialises in organizational culture, change management, leadership and security consultancy.

As an AHEX consultant and a former senior leader in the British Army with over 25 years of experience and service, Jaime has gained a vast amount of experience in solving complex cultural behaviours, leadership gaps and upskilling personnel.  Having deployed on multiple overseas operations as well as serving as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst has provided Jaime with an expertise in leadership, property and personnel security and highly experienced in risk assessment (health and safety at work).

Jaime also has three years’ experience in running a small security business (branding, PR and marketing).

Jaime is a family-man and highly values the feelings of belonging and cooperation that comes from a healthy family environment, be it at work or in the workplace.

Jaime can be described as an entrepreneur, always full of energy and new ideas.

Jaime spends any spare time with his family and lovely boys. He enjoys doing anything that gets him away from a desk or technology such as running, hiking, kayaking, climbing or any other outdoor activity. Jaime is always in search of the next challenge/adventure.

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