James Perry Zammit

Business Development Executive AHEX GROUP

As the Business Development Executive, James has a key role of transforming the AHEX founders’ vision and ideas into a service the client can understand and relate to.

James has been instrumental in communicating and creating awareness about the AHEX upskilling winning formula that enhances the business performance of other companies.

With a strong background in start-ups, communication across cultures and vocational educational training, James immediately understood and embodied the AHEX methodology. James is passionate about being part of the AHEX journey, which aims to bring about a change in culture management through the empowerment of people.

James’ specialisation is in Vocational Education Training, communications, and business development.

James has a very interesting background, with a career that has seen him working in five different countries through the years. This has given James a deep understanding of multicultural environments and a niche understanding of communication in such environments. He has also managed a number of start-up companies, giving him a wide range of skills.

James has over 13 years of coaching communications experience.

James has a passion for making people believe in themselves. His life philosophy is ‘To Make every day count.’

Stoic and handles pressure well. Communicator and coordinator. Hands on and get the job done. Great listener and coach mentor. Versatile and pragmatic.

James is very passionate about both food and culture. In his spare time, he also enjoys the study of Zen and Stoicism.

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