Keith Cassar

Internal Quality Assurance AHEX GROUP

As the internal quality assurance for the Malta Branch, Keith is indispensable in ensuring all of AHEX processes and procedures are of a good standard and that they meet external, regulatory requirements.

The majority of Keith’s work revolves around AHEX Institute where he is key to providing quality assurance for qualifications, ensuring the validity and reliability of courses and assessments provided by AHEX Malta.

Keith has an extensive military career, which helped him develop a passion for processes, procedures and high quality. He continued to solidify this passion with academic knowledge through a Level 4 Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance.

Throughout his career Keith has held many positions that required a process driven approach of a high level in order to be in conformity with regulatory requirements. Such roles involved recruitment and training drives, running the administration of a company headquarters and running the security of a key site.

Deployments on military operations overseas continued to strengthen Keith’s knowledge of the importance of policies and procedures and of having mechanisms in place to ensure the quality of such procedures is kept to a high standard.

Keith is a very determined person and his motto is that with the right kind of coaching and determination, anyone can accomplish anything.

Keith is an assertive, disciplined and loyal individual who works to achieve results, irrelevant of the circumstances. He can be described as a good team leader and a very practical individual.

In his free time, Keith enjoys spending his time at the gym or, being a football enthusiast, watching a good game of football. Keith is also very family oriented and loves to spend quality time with his family, especially his daughter and son.

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