Stephanie Debono


The CEO and co-founder of AHEX Group, a company focused on upskilling individuals and teams to improve business performance through consultancy, analysis and delivery of bespoke programmes. She partners with her C-Suite team to find solutions, resolve challenges and grow the AHEX brand and methodology. She considers her main responsibilities to be keeping the team focused and on point and keeping the company true to the values of leadership and boldness.

With a strong background in leadership and in teaching along with a passion for developing people, one the main roles within AHEX is to provide training to senior or middle management about leadership and leadership development.

Stephanie’s specialisation is in Protocol, Leadership and Security consultancy.

Throughout her military career she has managed platoons in relation to security, provided military training and been involved in logistical, protocol and security related aspects of high-level government events, both locally and internationally.

Stephanie’s life before the military is also in line with what we do at AHEX, as her life revolved around coaching and teaching, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Education prior to joining the military.

Stephanie has a passion for working with people in a team environment and seeing individuals grow and develop to their full potential.

Stephanie can be described as a very direct and practical individual that is upfront with people, even if it makes her unpopular.

Stephanie loves adventure, sports and the outdoors. If she has any free time, you will definitely find her out hiking, kayaking, climbing or training CrossFit.

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